Custom Fitting Clubs

The Foresight GC2 HMT unit, gives the ultimate fitting experience at the right price.

Custom Fitted Golf Clubs

With Mizuno, Callaway and Wishon plus Odyssey, Wishon and EVNROLL Putters

Golfers benefit from custom fitted clubs. 

  • A comfortable grip size will allow you to hold club without too much unnecessary pressure
  • A golfer's swing is unique, there is a shaft flex, weight and bend profile for more consistently struck shots
  • Length of shaft and lie angle of the head influences strike on clubface, 1 degree up or down is equivalent to 1/2 inch shorter or longer. Faster tempo swings generally have heavier and shorter shafts. Slower tempo swings generally benefit from lighter shafts and possibly longers shafts
  • Clubhead speed, clubpath, clubhead attack angle, face angle determines ball launch and spin rates.           There are optimum spin rates to improve distance.
  • Set make-up ie: useful and effective clubs. Too many golfers have 2 clubs in their bag, that hit similar distances. Fewer clubs makes it easier for a golfer to make better decisions on the golf course.
  • Putters require a comfortable length and grip size with correct loft and lie to improve control of distance, on the putting green. Now we have TOMI Pro putting analysis in the Golf Studio. Better fitting and instruction. 

It's a Game CHANGER

See why Foresight Sports has become the new industry standard for golf performance technologies,  both indoors and out.

At Truly Custom Fit Golf we use the GC2 (Foresight simulator) for establishing the most effective clubs for your golf game 

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